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Category: Mens Over 35
Stage: Men O35 Premier Division
Group: Group A
Date:30 Sep 2017

NomNorfolk 1NomOxfordshireResultGames
1-1JAMIE GOODRICH1-1Scott Handley033/11 6/11 5/11
1-2liam nolan (walkover)30 
1-3Marcus Cowie (walkover)30 
1-2liam nolan (walkover)30 
1-5David Gouldby (walkover)30 

Report: The Oxfordshire No 2 was caught up in a car crash and arrived late and the two captains could not agree to allow the match to proceed when the No 2 arrived so Norfolk claimed the other 4 matches. Generally speaking the Norfolk middle 3 players ruined the weekend by generally behaving badly and creating a very poor atmosphere amongst the other teams. They would not allow the Oxfordshire match to go ahead which set the tone for the weekend and also meant that D&C and Warwicks were at a major disadvantage for their second matches because of their fantastic well fought first match. Norfolk's order was also very suspect, their no.2 was their weakest player by far. I would also question whether they actually registered their team before the weekend? If this is the case then they should not have played and as such their scores should be voided.

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